Top Reasons Why a Monthly SEO Strategy is Important to Your Real Estate Business.

Today, any business that is looking to try and run a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign needs to know what they are doing. For a real estate business, its’ even more important than ever before to have a strong, cohesive strategy.

It’s not about throwing in content and hoping for the best, stuffing it with keywords. The aim is far more angelic and long-term than this today: it’s about giving value to the people who read your content. However, SEO is one of the most rapidly moving industries out there, and this means you need to be prepared to deal with that by always having a new plan. How often should you be looking for an SEO reboot, then?

Most reckon around once per month is a good enough plan for modern, hard-hitting and effective SEO. Why? Because your real estate market conditions change in on a quarterly and in some premier zip codes, monthly basis. If the housing marketing in your area you work turns from a sellers market into a buyers market, then you must adjust your website's keyword strategy to target the new demographics.

Making adjustments to market condition after they have happen is competitive and not very smart. You want to forecast changes and make alterations to your Search Engine Optimization before they become a reality. That way, you get the best leads when they are hot off the internet. 

Here's an example you can relate to in the clothing market.

Major online retailers forecast what is coming in season before they happen and alter their keyword focus to be more narrow.

By having a more target approach to SEO, they can focus on up-selling those in-market customers to as many related products that interest them as possible.

The article written by Nathan Safran, "3 Ways to Advance Maturity in Your SEO Metrics" clearly explains how better performing campaigns comes from more narrow keywords as compared to broad keywords. ​

Why Monthly Management Matters

Put simply, it comes down to supply and demand. If you are based in a prime area, and housing options are running low in that area, you need to adapt your SEO strategy to match. There’s no point still investing all of your time an effort into an area of the country that you can no longer supply the same, even temporarily. So, if you have a premium ZIP code that you market in and you notice some problems with how you can handle this, you’ll need long-term optimization.

This is going to take a lot of work to correct, but it is 100% something that you need to invest time and patience into dealing with. When you notice a downturn in the areas that you do best in, you would do yourself a lot of favors by investing some time and energy into campaigning elsewhere and trying to advertise for your property in these regions.

Here is the real deal with internet browsers who are shopping for real estate information that pertains to their lifestyle, most websites consumers jump into are junk. Simply junk.

Consumers will crawl many websites to find the golden nugget that has the exact information they originally searched online for. 

Tim Soulo of, " SEO Metrics Explained: What They Mean and Why They’re So Good" writes about this wasteful online phenomenon of useless data that consumers shift through to find a website that has the exact match that they were looking for.

Every realtor has their options, but when demand exceeds supply you need to be smart. This is why your real estate business needs to be working with SEO-ready experts who can get the problem at hand. Before long, they’ll offer simple and authentic solutions to help you promote in areas with an undervalue, while avoiding hanging around the overly in-demand market for the more upbeat topics.

As you start to notice major market changes across the region, you have to be ready to pounce and deliver a monthly management product. The main reason for doing this, though, is that it helps you get a move on ahead of the competition. When they are still smarting to the market downturn in A, you can be running in both A and B delivering a service that means any downturn is never really noticed.

It’s the best strategy that you have for making sure that your business has the strength and intellect provided to survival. Market changes, like any other business, demand change as soon as possible. You would do well to start changing and improving your situation, ensuring that you can begin to see progression even when a forecast usually would spell storms for your business!

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About the author: Von Galt

Von is an IDX Broker, WordPress, and Front-End Web Developer. She holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Washington, a Masters in E-Business from Westwood College of Technology, and completed computer programming courses at Skill Crush and General Assembly.