How to Use Lead Generation Landing Pages for Your Business. 

For any business today looking to takes itself further, the most important part of the process stems from lead generation. Put simply, a lead generated is a lead to a potential customer. If used and followed along with accordingly, a lead generation page for a business can be one of the most lucrative ways to raise your business profile. The main challenge in using a good lead generation page, though, is knowing how to go about using it as you had intended. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you could best utilize and engage with a lead generation landing page.

Laying the Framework

First off, a good landing page for lead generation purposes will concentrate almost entirely on the design. The layout has to be in line with the brand, inviting rather than invasive, and a simple enough task to follow alongside. That being said, this is a much easier said task than it is to be completed and pulled off.

You should look to pick up a lead generation landing page theme, or hire a designer to make one. You can have all the good content and informative detail in the world, but if it’s organized poorly it simply will not perform to the level that you need and indeed expect.

Taking it Further

Next, you want to invest in search engine optimization. Your landing page should have, at the very least, a ‘long-tail’ keyword in the title of the page. This allows for you to build a greater context around the landing page itself, using more specific phrases rather than trying to use a general, hold-all keyword to make your point.

If you want to make sure your landing page is well-received by search engines, the title has to be optimized in accordance. The days of trying to work and crowbar a keyword into content is gone: if it does not sound natural, it will not be taken seriously by the search engines.

Follow the Funnel

With a nice design and content that is optimized with natural, authentic use of long-tail phrase keywords, you are coming along nicely. Now, the aim is simple: to help to optimize your landing page to create a sales funnel.

This works by:

Using the optimization to attract to the page given its high search engine ranking.

They’ll read the content and upon seeing an engaging call-to-action, will click it to be taken to your sign-up form where you can get access to contact deals. The article, "The Mechanics of Lead Generation: What Marketers Need to Know" by DCD Agency goes over the basics of how a consumer goes from a browsing visitor into a sales lead.

Once you have permission to message them via e-mail or whatever medium preferred, you can provide them with valuable offers based on how they came to find your business.

It’s not magic, just pure, hard logic, that can drive your business forward. Using a lead generation landing page is all about:

· Convincing the user that you know what you are talking about.

· Giving them an assurance that you get the problem, and have a solution.

· Offering something that the user who found your site can relate to and have a need for.

· Building the ability to gather contact details for easier and more effective contact to further offers in future.

It’s really simple: a landing page is all about hooking them. With proper optimization, an aesthetic design and a sales pitch that is neither too direct, success is possible.

Don't forget to design your landing page to be mobile friendly. A responsive design will engage consumers with your business website, and entice them to subscribe to your newsletters to keep in the know.

The article, "Everything You Need to Know to Hack Google Adwords - A Complete Guide" by Nora Flint of TruConversion explains how Google Adwords plays off the user experience that is created from a focused website design.

It is even more critical to design with the mobile user in mind due to the high volume of cell phone usage by consumers worldwide. In 2017 alone, the market expects 2.97 billion users to shop using their mobile devices. It will only grow exponentially from there.

You do not want to lose valuable leads due to a poor user experience from your website due to a bad design on handheld devices as well as on a desktop.

Often, many consumers will visit your website multiple times using various devices before they reach out to your to discuss what solutions your business may have that fits their needs.

If your landing pages are not optimize for the best experience on a desktop and a cell phone, then you need to redesign it to fit the needs of consumers

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About the author: Von Galt

Von is an IDX Broker, WordPress, and Front-End Web Developer. She holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Washington, a Masters in E-Business from Westwood College of Technology, and completed computer programming courses at Skill Crush and General Assembly.