How to Design a Website Around Your High Margin Products and Services?

In business today, one of the most powerful solutions that you have consistently on-side stems from your website. As a major marketing tool, though, many under use the potential of the website. Why? Because they are scared to make any kind of sway or point to the more high-margin products and services that you offer.

Typically, we leave our most expensive solutions to the side and hope that people just notice them. There is phobia if value, and it’s a reason why being able to design a website around our high margin products and solutions is very important. So, with this in mind, how can you go about making sure that your most valuable items are going to be the ones noticed?

Visual Power

Start off by making sure that nobody is in any doubt about what your site sells at the top-end. If you are in the business of selling TVs, for example, you would be showcasing the big 3D, curved models that everyone is loving. The aim of a good business is always to use the assistance of imagery to ensure that visual power can win.

It lets people turn up to get what they really needed, but then see that you are the creator of the item they really needed. This allows you to use the power of visuals on your website to make a salient and useful point to those who are looking.

Text does most of the selling, but images get people to look in the first place! Great images are the emotional trigger that nails the sale. The article, "Drive Magento Marketing Strategy By Adding In Cost Data to Each Item" written by Diane of Extendware goes over this logic.

Yes, consider this analogy to your website. If you are selling cars, then you put your products that have the highest gross margin in the showroom.

This way customer get enticed by the newest model to hit the showroom and start refining their needs from there. When consumers go to the car dealership's website, the homepage will showcase what else on the main banner...the car model that has the highest gross margin.

That is the philosophy between intertwining the visual power of great images with gross margin. 

Show The Benefits

Another major part of showing off your high value items is to disclose the benefits that they get from buying from you. From free shipping over X to reward/loyalty points when you spend Y, you can find that you simply need to let people know what kind of extras they get on top of what they arrived for. If your high margins are bringing people into the process, you need to help them choose you over the alternatives simply because you can offer them what they need and a little touch more on top.

Given that close to half of shoppers abandon a shopping cart online because of shipping costs, it matters. You should never discount the importance of showing off the little benefits when they make the financial splurge to buy one of your more high-margins units. That little saving can be what was stopping them from confirming the order!

Provide Testimony

Another major part of showcasing the high margin items on your site is through reviews and testimonies. Invest in a designer who can help your testimony widgets stick out on your site, ensuring that they cannot be missed. The more testimonies that you can show about the product, the more likely you are to see a genuine level of interest from. Testimonies play a big role in improving sales volume – particularly on the big-hitters.

It’s all about visuals to get their attention, and confirmation from other customers that what you have to offer is the right choice for all.

It can be hard to build a website that provides these features, but it’s almost certainly worth the time and money needed to get to the level that you are planning.

This article by Lauren Shepherd, "What the Most Successful FBA Sellers Do Differently" explains a little more about creating a business website around your high margin, high volume inventory.

If you want to start getting those big, high margin items off the shelves, though, you need to be more visually appealing both in terms of how it is sold, and how the extras of investing with you can benefit the customer.

You aren’t just selling the item or service: you are convincing them that you are good enough to live up to your word!

With the above, that becomes a whole lot easier.

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About the author: Von Galt

Von is an IDX Broker, WordPress, and Front-End Web Developer. She holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Washington, a Masters in E-Business from Westwood College of Technology, and completed computer programming courses at Skill Crush and General Assembly.