How to Create Email Marketing Campaigns That Customers Want to Read.

For any business today truly committed to long-term improvement, the creation of e-mail marketing campaigns is a must. Without proper campaigning and representation, you are essentially left to fight a losing battle!

It’s why any business which is serious about change and getting closer to their customers’ needs to use e-mail marketing. Thought of as outdated by some, the power of e-mail marketing and having direct access to people is immensely satisfying. It’s why being able to create an e-mail marketing campaign, though, can be so tough to get writing correctly: the challenge is quite unique. Everyone is wary of sales pitches in their email inbox, so you need to be smart about how you promote yourself using e-mail.

Let’s take a rough look at what creating e-mail marketing campaigns that customers want to read entails.

Introduce Yourself.

The first thing that you need to do is humanize yourself. Being sold products by Webmaster@yourbusiness is hardly an impressive or personal thing. If you promote yourself as X, the Y of Z business, you are well on the track to improvement. People want to read e-mails from people they like and trust, so if you never introduce yourself, then you will miss out on this vital part of long-term discussion.

Don’t Always Sell.

Sometimes, linking to an authority with important industry data is just as lucrative for your business. As is offering Q&As, opening up about yourself, and talk about industry news. The main mistake that most people make with an e-mail marketing campaign is making sure every e-mail has a chance to make you money. It might feel good when it works, but people prefer to receive mostly value rather than mostly offers.

Posting with Precision.

Another vital aspect of good e-mail marketing campaigns stems from when you post. Sending your readers an e-mail every day is just not going to hurt subscription rates but it will bullet trust. It all depends on your audience – sometimes, once per day can be OK, whereas other niches would prefer that you got in touch once per month. Do some researching into your demographic and what they like – it might be where your marketing is going wrong.

Liven it Up!

One of the most cringeworthy mistakes that you can make, though, stems from writing e-mails that lack character.

Writer Corey Trojanowski explains that the high unsubscribe rates of email newsletters come from lack-luster emails in his article, "7 Tips to Increase Email Subscriber Engagement". 

You know your audience well. If they respond to long-reads over memes, go down that route: and vice versa.

Tailor the content to the kind of mind-set that you are here to target. If you do this, you make it so much easier to sound humanized and thus make e-mail marketing campaigns which are fun and exciting: like telling a story!

Keep the following four factors above in your mind, because they play a critical role in your e-mail marketing campaigns. Without the right kind of theme, the correct volume and the proper tone, you can find it hard to make an impact. Make no mistake, though: when done correctly (like above), e-mail marketing is an exceptional tool!

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About the author: Von Galt

Von is an IDX Broker, WordPress, and Front-End Web Developer. She holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Washington, a Masters in E-Business from Westwood College of Technology, and completed computer programming courses at Skill Crush and General Assembly.